Cees Boede Songbook - muziek bij Nel Benschop

Cees Boede Songbook

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Cees Boede Already in an early stage an appeal was made to ambitions in (church) music and that not in vain ! Didactical capacities lead to the profession of a (music) master. Thanks to doctoral studies literature (Amsterdam) and music (Utrecht) eyes and ears are schooled by good lyrics, good music and the cooperation between them. Cees Boede lives in Zealand.

He is the composer of a newly arranged interpretation of all biblical notions from the book of Psalms, in the original Cees Boede Songbook, based on 150 poems by the dutch poet Nel Benschop."

Der Boede

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By origin Katherine Journey is a singer with Zealandish roots who makes a career in America, and a cousin of mine, in fact she has a warm Zealandish sound, enjoy it and visit her website.