Cees Boede Songbook - muziek bij Nel Benschop

Cees Boede Songbook

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Der Boede : zijaanzicht Der Boede : bovenaanzicht

What you see is (partly) "Der Boede". That is where the roots are found for the "Cees Boede Songbook", in a piece of paradise left. Waking up with the sound of a mighty birds choir in the morning, during the day the special Zealandish light, in the evening the scent of the sea and burning heaps of leaves. In the songbooks is omnipresence of seaside sound, and on short distance the Flushing harbour and ship-yard. The lyrics of Nel Benschop manifest a nearly mystical bond with nature and with God. The music is an explanation of this. Moreover each song is to be looked at as an independent poem of sound, in succession to the words.

Cees Boede
Plain lyrics will not be found on the "Boede"-site (birds don't need any too) as there is a short discription of the contents in the online catalog- and real-audio pages.

The 4-Voice partiture with complete lyrics can be obtained together with the cd's by filing up the order form in the online catalog at the price of   5,00 each. The cd's are now also available on Cees Boede.

As a completion of the digital scores library I offer all 150 Capellascores of my songbook for publication under scores. The complete songbook consists of part 1 through 7 and is recently completed with the 4 remaining songs to 150, a symbolical number.


To listen to the songs in Real-Audio format, you will need RealPlayer 6.0 (G2 version) or better. A free copy of RealPlayer is available for download at Real Networks.

To open the PostScript scores you can use GS-View. A free copy of GS-View is available for download at the University of Wisconsin.